How far in advance should we reserve the musicians?
You may contact us to reserve musicians for your event as far ahead as 8 to 12 months, and as late as 24 hours in advance.

Is it possible for us to request a specific piece or song that we would like to hear at our ceremony?
Yes, Arioso has an extensive library of pieces that can be arranged by one of our members for the specific ensemble of your choosing, and there is no additional fee for the arrangement. Our music consultants are happy to advise you on additional selections for processional music, the cocktail hour, and the reception. If your event is a dinner party or a corporate event, our musicians perform a wide array of repertoire from our library, which will create the perfect atmosphere of elegance during dinner or cocktails.

May we preview the music before reserving the musicians?
Arioso can send a professional recording, on CD or cassette, to you and your event coordinator in advance. In addition, you may preview a selection of our musical samples on this site.

What kind of dress will the musicians wear to the event?
Men will wear either a black tuxedo or a dark suit, depending on your preference. If your event is a formal event, men will dress in black tuxedos. Women will wear concert black, unless a specific request is made in advance for colored attire.

My future brother-in-law would like to sing at our wedding. Can the musicians accompany him during the ceremony?
Certainly. Our musicians have extensive experience in performing as an accompanimental ensemble for solo trumpet, voice, and wind instruments. In addition, we can perform with your church organist or pianist, if desired. We are open to working within the unique particulars of your ceremony to make the music a beautiful and memorable addition to your special event.

Will the musicians perform outside?
The musicians regularly perform at outdoor events and do not require amplification of any kind. As long as there is no precipitation, and the temperature does not drop below 50 degrees, the musicians will be happy to play for your outdoor event. If the event is scheduled for early spring or summer, and the instruments will be exposed directly to the sun, the musicians will play outside if there is adequate protection from sunlight exposure.

My function is booked at a location in North Andover, MA. Is there an additional charge for travel?
There is no additional charge for travel, unless your event is located 20 or more miles outside of Boston. For events located in the New England area, the fee is begins at a modest amount for the first 30 miles outside of Boston, depending on the number of musicians who will be traveling.

What kind of deposit do you require to book the musicians in advance?
To reserve the musicians in advance, a deposit of 50% is required.

Our wedding ceremony is at our church, but the reception is at a different location. Will the musicians travel to the reception after the ceremony?
There is no fee for travel between locations, as long as the distance between the locations is small (under 5 miles).

What if I decide to change my wedding date or cancel my wedding after I have already booked the musicians?
Our cancellation policy requires that you provide the group with 90 days advance notice in writing if you decide to cancel or reschedule your wedding or special event. The deposit is considered nonrefundable during the period 90 days prior to your reserved wedding date. The reservation may not be cancelled during the period 30 days prior to the event.

Do the musicians require anything at the event that we should reserve in advance with our event coordinator?
The only thing which the musicians require are enough chairs to seat the number of players in the ensemble. We bring our own music stands and wind clips to the event.